Death Wish 2 – Harford PA

Today’s adventure at the end of my day – stop at the end of the exit ramp and wait for a parade of trucks to go by. As I turn a car comes flying out of the truck stop on the right, coming across in front of me, and I have to stop or hit him. Then in another display of ignorance a truck continues to pull out and cross completely into my lane coming out of the other truck stop. Amazing that so many truck drivers still can’t stay in the proper lane no matter how much room they have to maneuver. Also the matter of right-of-way that both the car and truck didn’t yield to the fact that I was on the roadway and moving, while they were entering the road from private entrances. Just another day in trucker’s paradise.

What’s This Car?

Saw this up near Boston last week. License plate said it was a Cobra, wondering if it is a real one or just a kit-car replica.

Death Wish on I-95 in Virginia

Just another day on the road, unfortunately this is everyday behavior.   As the video starts we see the sign on the right, rest area ahead.  There were previous signs announcing the rest area was near.  After the short exit lane begins, this woman decides to go from the nearly stopped middle lane across my lane to the rest area.  She didn’t even speed up when she pulled in front of me.  Notice how much following distance I have between me and the nearest vehicle ahead, also how much time and space this car had to safely move over to the exit. I had slowed down considerably from the speed limit anticipating something like this once the two left lanes slowed.  Certainly this shows the benefit of having the DVR on the dash, had there been traffic on my right I probably would have rear ended her.   This would have shown she pulled in front of me and saved my, well, you know …

Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia PA

The day didn’t turn out well weather wise, temps hovering near freezing and winds 40mph and gusting.  Didn’t get out and about around Penn’s Landing to see the ships and other sights in the nearby neighborhoods.   This is about the only photo of the day not related to the luncheon at the Chart House restaurant.

Looking toward downtown Philadelphia