Death Wish 3 – Twinsburg OH

Jan 30, 2013

Seriously, what are people thinking when they do things like this? Maybe she had to send a text or make a call, and authorities do say to pull over to do that, right? Safety first!

Cutoff by truck – Cleveland OH

Jan 30, 2013

This is typical driving for container haulers, they have some of the worst equipment and drivers to be found on the highways. No one behind me for half a mile, and plenty of room ahead for him to stay in his lane and wait for me to get by. As you see he was coming across multiple lanes no matter what. I’m going uphill and have 45,000 pounds of steel, now I’m down to 35 mph.

Flatbed loses V-boards and tarps on PA Turnpike

Jan 28, 2013

Cruising down the PA Turnpike this flatbed driver ignored calls on the CB that he was losing stuff off his trailer. As he passes me first the red V-Boards come tumbling off right in front of me, then watch as he gets to the underpass and two of his tarps fly off, one on to the shoulder of the road, the other partly in the roadway. Total loss probably around $500.

Trip to the drilling site

Dec 21, 2012

The scenic ride from the Interstate to the drill-site access road. Narrow winding roads, 10 ton weight limit most of the way. That’s before it changes to 6 ton!

From the paved road up to the job-site. As soon as I turned and started up the road a pickup crested the hill and waited, I guess he thought I was going to back out of the road. I moved more than enough for him to get by but he still took two or three minutes to finally come down and act as if I had the whole road blocked. Four feet clearance must not be enough for some drivers to “squeeze” by. That’s why they leave trucks with as little as four inches on either side to get into some places, or make turns. Anyway, that caused me to lose the momentum I had from turning off the road, just enough that it now took several runs at the hill to get to a flatter area. The road was rough rocks and mud, and when combined became even slicker and harder to get traction once my wheels spun the first time. Only having 7500 pounds on the trailer spread out over fifty feet added no weight to my drive tires. Eventually I made it up, then upon arrival at the job-site got stuck again on the large and loose rocks that went uphill to the staging area. A dozer easily pulled me up the rest of the way. He had to hook up again to get me turned around so I could leave. They were used to doing this, as am I, so it was not any problem.