650 mph across deserts, over mountains, and through cities!

Well, maybe I didn’t really drive that fast.  But, to condense all the scenery into something viewable that’s the speed the videos are equivalent to.


Ogden UT through the canyons to I-80 West



This ones a little longer, but 8 hours of driving shortened to 32 minutes.  This is from near Gallup, NM to Snowville, UT.  Much of it was on state roads, up to Ship Rock, NM, through Cortez CO, over into UT and up through the desert then Moab with all the National Parks.  Continue north up through Price UT where dinosaurs archeological sites are located all throughout the region, then back over the mountains again to I-15 and north through Salt Lake City and Ogden, and finally Snowville just 7 miles short of the Idaho border.


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