Tore up clutch at off-road job site

I should have refused to deliver here. It was well below freezing, ground had been muddy and full of ruts before it froze solid. That morning they were pumping water from someplace up inside the building and it was all sitting at the bottom of the site where you had to drive through it about 100 feet before turning and going up the frozen, rutted hill to the work area. I didn’t make it the first time, couldn’t get up much speed on the rough ground. Wet tires just spun on the frozen ground. Sitting at the top of the hill, almost over the top, the tires grabbed occasionally and finally pulled me up. But that also tore up my clutch from the extreme force on the clutch and drive train. 16 days later the truck is out of the shop, and several thousand dollars poorer.


Why some of us rarely bother to wash our trucks. Going in and out of off-road locations makes it seem a waste of money to keep washing the truck. I’ve loaded here several times in a week, and have seen guys running right out to get washed before going to another off-road site to deliver the load later that day, or the next morning.

Truck Alignment

The day to day pounding that truck suspensions endure eventually takes its toll on wheel and axle alignment. Tire, steering and suspension components all start to wear unevenly and excessively. Getting your alignment checked at least yearly is good practice whether you notice any signs of wear or not. Catching an out of spec condition as it starts can save thousands of dollars on tires and parts later on.

My recommendation is to use the MD Alignment Services, Inc PROTRAK system, the only alignment system I’ve found that is based on adjusting the truck and trailer for how they will be on the highway, not sitting on an alignment rack and set to “factory specs”. Service locations can be found at MD Alignment – PROTRAK as well as more information on the system.

My personal recommendation is to use the great services of Steven and Travis of LaserLine Alignment Services located near Salt Lake City, UT. They will come to your location (schedule ahead please!) and take as much time as necessary to do the job right. When Travis did my alignment a couple years ago it was the first time ever that I could immediately tell a difference as soon as I started back down the road. He told me to get some tire work done, which I did a few hundred miles later, and true to his word all issues disappeared. I was able to go down straight stretches of interstate barely touching the steering wheel, the truck just tracked straight down the road without the need for constant corrections. It takes a lot for me to make a public recommendation for someone’s service, but these guys know what they’re doing, and do it great. And, you’ll likely be surprised at the cost. I’ve paid twice as much many times without solving whatever the problem was in the first place. Shops just made excuses that the truck was too old, tires weren’t new, bearings must be bad, etc. Never once was their ineptitude a possibility. Go out of your way to use Steven and Travis of LaserLine near Salt Lake City and you won’t be disappointed. Please, tell them I sent you!

near Salt Lake City, UT

near Salt Lake City, UT