Desert Views

Things you see out in the desert.   Old style windmills on metal frames, to the newest style.  For those who haven’t come out west there are windmill farms all over taking advantage of the free energy out here.   But they do certainly detract from the view of the landscape in many places.

Boulder City, NV

Spent the night in the desert, shielded from the lights of Las Vegas by a mountain.  Amazing just how bright the stars are on a clear night when no city lights are around.   I’m working on some panoramic photos I did in the early morning from where I unloaded.  It will take another day before all the photos are done, they take quite awhile to process.  Tomorrow will be another photo day in Las Vegas if the weather clears up.


download larger image

download larger image




This certainly looks like a  fun road.


Provo, UT

Finally left Salt Lake City this morning, went to Provo UT to load.  All the snow melted on the road with temps in the 40’s, making a mess out of my (rarely) clean and shiny truck.   Got bags of chopped rubber to go to a shooting range near Las Vegas, where I am now.  Parked behind a warehouse out in the desert far away from roads or people.  What fun to find this place in the dark going down unimproved roads with unmarked dirt roads leading off into the mountains.  Fortunately I found the right one to turn down.   I’m wondering what this will look like when the sun comes up and I see where I am.  🙂


Elk Mountain, WY

What a day, 12 deg to start in Ft Collins, then the wind as I headed north later in the morning toward Cheyenne WY.   Had crosswinds and headwinds up to 60mph to fight through the mountains over the continental divide.  Saw a couple trucks blown over and completely off the highway.   Here is a cellphone shot of Elk Mountain, the wind blowing about 75mph on the mountain, from right to left.    Even with those winds there will appear to be very little movement as the clouds form on the windward side and dissipate rapidly on the leeward.  The nice smooth cloud on top is a near perfect example of a lenticular cloud, pilots will recognize that as a sure sign to stay well away from the mountain, or to be at an altitude much higher.