Multiple crashes on NE Extension of PA Turnpike – Dec 21, 2012

Ignore the timestamps on the videos!

First crash, truck overturned at final curve northbound before toll booths in Clarks Summit PA.

Second crash, northbound coming out of Lehigh Tunnel, appears that one tractor slammed into the back of a trailer and crushed it, both burned to the ground and still smoldering as I went by. Traffic of course all backed up.

Third crash, a few miles south of the tunnel crash in backed up traffic. I counted at least three cars in the blaze. Most likely the first car stopped for the traffic backup from the first wreck, and at least two other vehicles plowed into it, bursting into flames. As I drove by the heat was intense, and all that was left of the vehicles were red hot shells. Not likely there were any survivors.

Everyone in this “me first” society is in such a rush, and some paid dearly for it tonight. So many truck drivers still think the only way to drive is as fast and as far as you can, run multiple logbooks, and to hell with any of the rules. To them it’s not manly to obey the laws, these people live in their make believe world where they think of themselves as “outlaw truckers’. That in part has helped spur the ridiculous barrage of new laws coming from the feds trying to get these nitwits under control. Don’t get me started and up on my soapbox!

Added Dec 22 10:45pm – link to WFMZ news report on crash

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