Ignorant Truck Driver – Mass Pike I-95 exit

Electronic toll booths have advantages, but in many states vehicles speed through the tollbooth as fast as they can, resulting in crashes and near crashes. Here you can see I had to pay my cash toll in the middle of the available lanes. As I was getting up to speed and as about eight lanes rapidly narrow down to two lanes, this truck comes past me on the right after going through the EZPass lane probably 30mph. Coming across at an angle I was unable to see him in my mirrors. He obviously was going to get in front of me, no matter what. From my point of view he suddenly appears and I came to a sudden nearly complete stop. The video does not really show the perspective of how close I came to plowing into the side of his trailer, and having video in the truck like this would be my best defense to explain what happened if we did collide. Basic traffic law in all states – the vehicle passing shall yield the right of way to the vehicle being passed – as if anyone pays attention to that one obviously!

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