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Trip to the drilling site

Dec 21, 2012 The scenic ride from the Interstate to the drill-site access road. Narrow winding roads, 10 ton weight limit most of the way. That’s before it changes to 6 ton! From the paved road up to the job-site.…

Nuclear Sunset

Grabbed a quick shot of the sun setting behind the plume coming off the cooling towers of Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. The colors have not been altered, this was how the sky was lit up. Notice the shadow of the cloud cast upwards from the sun on the horizon, due to all the dust in the air, which was the reason for the vivid colors. Seems a more fitting scene for a tropical paradise rather than rural farmland.

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Death Wish on I-95 in Virginia

Just another day on the road, unfortunately this is everyday behavior.   As the video starts we see the sign on the right, rest area ahead.  There were previous signs announcing the rest area was near.  After the short exit lane…

Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia PA

The day didn’t turn out well weather wise, temps hovering near freezing and winds 40mph and gusting.  Didn’t get out and about around Penn’s Landing to see the ships and other sights in the nearby neighborhoods.   This is about the…